twenty nineteen annual



  • Written by: Troy Foster, Fraser Hunt, George Burton and Ed Robinson
  • Performed by: Clonk
  • Produced by: Clonk
  • Recorded/Engineered by: Dave Stanley and Tony Foster
  • Mixed by: Clonk
  • Mastered by: Steven Hopkin

In Stitches

Lewis Creswell

  • Written by: Lewis Creswell
  • Performed by: Samuel Warrington, Lewis Cresswell
  • Produced by: Lewis Cresswell
  • Recorded/Engineered by: Ben Marshall, Luke Burrows, Jamal Moran
  • Mixed by: Lewis Cresswell
  • Mastered by: Dan George



  • Written by: Alfie Holloway
  • Performed by: Alfie Holloway
  • Produced by: Alfie Holloway
  • Recorded/Engineered by: Alfie Holloway
  • Mixed by: Alfie Holloway
  • Mastered by: Dan George

Your Body


  • Written by: Adam Giles
  • Performed by: Adam Giles
  • Produced by: Adam Giles
  • Recorded/Engineered by: Adam Giles
  • Mixed by: Mark Pearson
  • Mastered by: Dan George

Sing That Song

James Burt

  • Written by: James Burt
  • Performed by: James Burt
  • Produced by: James Burt
  • Recorded/Engineered by: James Burt
  • Mixed by: John Meredith
  • Mastered by: Dan George

HDD Overlord


  • Written by: Adam Wilde
  • Performed by: Behringersibling
  • Produced by: ASJ Wilde
  • Recorded/Engineered by: ASJ Wilde at Risk of Electric Shock Studios
  • Mixed by: ASJ Wilde
  • Mastered by: Dan George



  • Written by: Shaun Buckley
  • Performed by: Yelkclub
  • Produced by: Yelkclub
  • Recorded/Engineered by: Yelkclub
  • Mixed by: Yelkclub
  • Mastered by: Dan George


The Crying Violets

  • Written by: Katie Lyle
  • Performed by: Elliot Ferrin (drums), Katie Lyle (vocals and guitar) and Louis Ayre (bass)
  • Produced by: The Crying Violets
  • Recorded/Engineered by: 3rd year Audio and Music Technology students
  • Mixed by: Steven Hopkin with additional mixing by Tom Mapes
  • Mastered by: Steven Hopkin



  • Written by: William Baker
  • Performed by: William Baker
  • Produced by: William Baker
  • Recorded/Engineered by: William Baker
  • Mixed by: William Baker
  • Mastered by: Dan George

Clockwork Pizza

Marvin’s Revenge

  • Written by: Luke Eaton, Job Gregory and Oliver Sammels-Moore
  • Performed by: Luke Eaton, Job Gregory and Oliver Sammels-Moore
  • Produced by: Marvin’s Revenge and Jay Dean
  • Recorded/Engineered by: Jay Dean
  • Mixed by: Jay Dean
  • Mastered by: Jack Dabell

With You


  • Written by: Bria Buxton
  • Performed by: Bria Buxton (vocals and acoustic guitar), Lewis Cresswell (electric guitar and keys), Luke Hallam (drums), Oliver Carnell (bass), Antonia Williams and Emily Parkes (backing vocals)
  • Produced by: Gareth Jones
  • Recorded/Engineered by: Adam Wilde, Dean Kirkman, Nathan McCubbin
  • Mixed by: Gareth Jones
  • Mastered by: Dan George

She Says

Near Mrs

  • Written by: Ryan Webb, Taig O’Shea, Taylor Wadman, Toby Wilson, Will Kirk
  • Performed by: Ryan Webb, Taig O’Shea, Taylor Wadman, Toby Wilson, Will Kirk
  • Produced by: Near Mrs and Nathan McCubbin
  • Recorded/Engineered by: Nathan McCubbin
  • Mixed by: Rob Baldock
  • Mastered by: Steven Hopkin

Gods Play Pretend

Grace Lee

  • Written by: Grace Lee
  • Performed by: Grace Lee, Gads Nketia, Josh Turner, Ollie Carnell, Joel Goddon
  • Produced by: Loïc Gaillard
  • Recorded/Engineered by: Loïc Gaillard, Jack Dabell, Steven Hopkin, Esme Racey, Aaron Ducker, Jordan Ward
  • Mixed by: Loïc Gaillard with additional mixing by Tom Mapes
  • Mastered by: Jack Dabell

What Love Feels Like

Tom Allen

  • Written by: Tom Allen
  • Performed by: Tom Allen
  • Produced by: Tom Allen
  • Recorded/Engineered by: Tom Allen
  • Mixed by: Tom Allen
  • Mastered by: Jack Dabell



  • Written by: Aimee Stones
  • Performed by: Aimee Stones, Krista Ford and Rhianne Mee
  • Produced by: Jordan Milnes
  • Recorded/Engineered by: Jordan Milnes
  • Mixed by: Rob Baldock
  • Mastered by: Jack Dabell


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